2136 Gewürzhandel
Here I sell in Austria Hot Sauces and Equipment.
 2166 Tales of a Capsaicin Addict
I created this blog to connect with others who have a similar infatuation with everything spicy. You will find recipes, tips on growing chilis, and whatever else I feel like writing about.
 2183 12 Second Chili
The official site of 12 Second Chili. We travel around the region to compete in CASI sanctioned chili cookoff's to help raise money for our local charity, BLUSH. We share recipes to our spicy chili crackers as well as offer merchandise for logo wear.
 161 Tips for BBQ
Tips for BBQ is all about YOU and the Barbecue! We'll give you the step by step tips to cooking barbecue recipes for baby back ribs, beef brisket, pulled pork, steaks and more.
 172 Sista 100% Natural Pepper sauce/Sista Exotica Brand Specialty Foods
Sistá Exotica Brand is Panama?s Premier Producer of All-Natural Gourmet Artisan Pepper Sauces, Preserves and Seasonings.
 179 Fire Dragon Chillies
A NZ Hot sauce company that specialises in the hottest chillies in the world! We grow Trinidad Scorp Butch T, 7 pot, Bhut jolokias plus Nagas, Habaneros and many more! Our 5 sauces, Gourmet HOT, Xtra Hot, Deadly, Bhuty Black Taniwha and the Dragons Fury!
 158 Pigs on Wheels,LLC
BBQ - Catering, Hot and spicy sea food, Hot BBQ sauce made with Jolokia (Ghost Chiles)
 148 www.PickYourPepper.com
We sell Wicked Tickle Hot Sauces including Ol Smokey, Bhut Kisser, worlds hottest hot sauce, Applewood with apple wood smoked ingredients, Garlic Head, Redemption Sauce. Custom make your own hot sauces, spice rubs, and customize a label. We grow organic.
 2066 Clifton Chilli Club
A Chilli Club for lovers of the all things chilli, created by a group of lads a few years ago we travel to chilli festivals for the heat. We enter eating competitions and grow a large variety of chilli plants. Also we review some sauces.
 123 Prometheus Springs
We are proud to share the world?s first capsaicin spiced elixir. These all-natural, non-alcoholic elixirs each contain a blend of delicious heat extracted from chili peppers, layered with refreshing gourmet flavors.
 141 River Cat Chili
A combination of blog about my quest for chili stardom and chili based recipes :)
 120 Chilli Pepper Heaven
A place for all things chilli, chili and chile! From the Naga Viper to the Jalapeno. This blog covers my humble experiences of chilli plant growing, gardening, hot sauce reviews, recipes and cooking with the wonderful chilli pepper.
 113 Lous' Savory Sauce
This hot and tasty sauce is formulated to be the ultimate condiment suitable for a variety of foods. You will soon wonder how you ever ate without it after experiencing the extra life it adds to everything from soups and sandwiches to pasta and steaks.
 93 The Source in KC area for Wood Pellet Smokers/Grills, Pellets, Accessories, Rubs & Sauces!!
We sell wood pellet grills, pellets, accessories, spices and sauces! We sell the Chile Grill, in one, two, three dozen--fun shapes like The Pig, The Pepper or the Tray!! Check our website and give us a call (13 837 2125.
 96 Jerky-n-Spice
The "Spice" side of our business features numerous hot sauces and seasonings befitting a member of the ring of fire. Some of the Jerky we sell is very hot as well.
 2175 Greenwich Curry Club
The site of the Greenwich Curry Club, lovers of the fine food who meet once a month for their spice fix. Includes reviews, recipes, and general curry news.
 80 Jimmy G's Pepper Sauce
Here you will find our ?Homemade Gourmet Pepper Sauces? that we have created and perfected. We have come along way with our recipes, and still coming out with new ingredients. We have a variety for you to choose from.
 82 Ed The Pepper Head
This is a blog with information on how to grow peppers in self watering containers, preserve them, making hot sauce, salsa, and other dishes.
 85 iChili
Österreichische Chili-Community
 536 Perko's Chile Farm
A site that has recently went through a name change but is still committed to preserving Capsicum?s and the product?s that come from the use of Chile?s.
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