1555 The Pathetic Suburban Males' Grill Club
We are spice hungry men who stand over our grills and smokers for therapy.
 133 Welcome to Hellkitchen.de
Nur scharf war gestern , ab heute gibt es lecker- fruchtig und scharf ..... taste our stuff and exiting by your self..... cheers Marino
 151 Chilijahr
A german chile growing blog
 334 Redback Chilli Co
Redback Chilli Co is a maker of gourmet chutneys, relishes and hot sauce's with Farm Gate sales. We are also a working deer farm on what is know as the Gourmet Deli Trail.
 169 Sycamore Hill Farms
We make, package and distribute Mop & Sop BBQ Sauces, Dry Rub, Seasonings, Hot Chihuahua Pepper Sauce & Flame Thrower Pepper Sauce. Thanks
 274 wild capsicums
a site about wild capsicum growing and seeds
 1175 Cyco Billy's Hot Pepper
making a delicious hot pepper powder also hot pepper relish to follow soon!
 882 Big Billy Barbecue
Big Billy brand of barbecue sauces, rubs and grilling accessories. Features hot sauces of different brands from the state of Florida
 1280 McBroom Metal Works
We make custom chile roasters for home and commercial use.
 1371 Nutten But Nuts
We're the first in the U.S.A to offer Bhut Jolokia in something other than hot sauce, Now you can have this awsome pepper on our Trail Mix called "Addictive Agony" we also use Bhut Jolokia on our Gourmet Peanuts and Cashews.
 1179 Cajun Heat
website for small home business where I manufacture and sell my own sauce and spice blends.
 1609 Hot Sauce Collectables
Blair's, Dave's Insanity, and CaJohn's collectable hot sauce bottles. Buy from the site, or let us find what you have been looking for! Best prices on the web!
 1346 Pepperfriends forum
Pepperfriends it's an Italian forum about peppers open to international friends too (messages in English and Portuguese are well accepted). We are building a complete website around the forum (with Joomla!) and we wish to add the Ring of Fire logo.
 923 Hunters Hot Sauce
Hunters Hot Sauce - Taste the Wild! Sweet and Mild Habanera Flavored Hot Sauce, and now available Hunter's Extreme Hot Sauce.
 913 Redman Hot Sauce
I have grown my own habs for years, and went public last December at the suggestions from family and friends . My sauces are Hot and Full Of Habanero flavor. Noone, has ever stopped after the first sampling !!!
 764 Über 500 verschiedene Chili Samen
Über 500 verschiedene Chili Samen, Pepper, Hot Sauce sowie getrocknete und frische Schoten vorrätig!
 813 Cap'n Ron's
I currently sell Blackening Spice Blends called Butt Kickin' Blacken, in 3 different blends. Original Recipe (Cajun Style), Jamaican Jerk Style, and SouthWest Blend. I also have a bunch of recipes with pictures to support these products.
 833 Big Orson's Sauce and Salsa Factory, Inc.
Commercial website devoted to marketing a unique line of sweet-hot products, the first of which is a mango-habanero salsa.
 909 Refining Fire
My site showcases the chiles I have grown and the chiles I sell. I give information on all the chiles I grow. I also cater food locally that is mostly spicy or hot and sell my own blend of salsa. I specialize in growing mostly Habanero varieties.
 1106 Epic Valley Salsa
Colorado salsa, gourmet salsas, bbq sauces and habanero spice rub. Fresh tasting and good for you too. Available in No salt variety
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