1525 Big Dawg Salsa
Big Dawg Salsa is a family owned and operated gourmet food company specializing in award winning Salsa, Sauces, Hot Sauces, and seasonings.
 1502 Diamond Fred's Specialty Sauces and Condiments
Diamond Fred's Specialty Sauces and Condiments - We provide an assortment of Hot Sauces, Salsa's, Condiments and other fiery creations. We also have a complete line of Sauce Making Supplies and helpful links for the Home Sauce Maker.
 1501 Mad Hill Peppers LLC
Fresh, Dried, and Ground Chilie Peppers organically grown from seed. More than 100 varieties available.
 1517 The Chilli Stand
We sell hot sauces from various companies and we make our own sauces. Import pepper pods and pepper powder/flakes.
 1504 HotChili-Mike's Hot Sauces
HotChili-Mike's Hot Sauces - the hottest sauces east of the Atlantic! + the Virtual Hot Sauce Museum & the Hot Recipe Collection.
 1511 Coqui Fire Hot Sauce
Coqui Fire is a line of 8 hot sauces made on the island of Vieques in the Caribbean. Established in 2002, the sauces are all natural. They are made with habanero peppers together with fruits and spices to produce not only heat but a richness of flavor.
 542 Outdoor Culinary
Outdoor Culinary sells grills and cooking products in South Carolina and Georgia. We have an interest in expanding our site to include recipes around chiles and fiery foods. Thanks. Burt Potter
 1472 Devil Dust
Devil Dust is a blend of hot and mild peppers sure to add flavor and zest to most any food! If you are a "Pepper Head" you gotta try this.
 1204 Thomas Quirins Chili Website
On my website you'll find many informations, recipes and photo about chili.
 1469 Red's Salsa
It has information about Big Red's Salsa, recipes, sales information, and contact information for the best jarred salsa around!
 1483 salsa and hot sauce
Our Green Apple Salsa in all 4 heat levels one for every pepperhead. Our sauces are made with fresh ingredients, from mago to carrott. New products willo be avaiable soon
 1488 Karrimah Farm
If you are looking for a stimulating and exciting food experience then Karrimah Farm chilli sauces and condiments will bring your taste buds alive. Australian handmade chilli sauces emphasising the tastes and flavours of the Asia-Pacific region.
 1364 3gatos Fire & Rice: A Fiery Foods Retailer
A fiery foods retailer that specializes in smaller label hot sauces, BBQ sauces, and other fiery food items. We carry a variety of fiery foods from our home state of North Carolina.
 1470 From Mild to Wild Hot Sauce Shop
The source for hot sauce, salsa, spices, bbq sauce, wing sauce, spices, chili fixins, hot and spicy snack foods and more for Canada. Private label hot sauce, hot sauce parties, special events and more!
 1464 Fire From The Mountain
We grow our peppers along the headwaters of the New River in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. We smoke the peppers over applewood, and make and package the sauces and salsa ourselves in NC's first FDA approved co-op kitchen.
 1478 The Hippy Seed Company
The Hippy Seed Company, seeling chilli seeds , Dried , growing Aids , Chilli Growing info and bringing you the chilli tests on YouTube
 1162 Redd-Eye Brand
Gourmet Salsas-Hot Sauces-Relishes. Award winning Redd-Eye Brand products with one of a kind taste, with just the right combo of heat and flavor to satisfy your most selective taste buds. Try your own Redd-Eye Brand experience! You'll be glad you did!!!
 1465 chillibird
selling seeds for some of the hottest, rarest, tastiest, prettiest chillies in the world
 1447 Magic Garden Seeds
Hot and sweet peppers from around the world.
 1445 Indiana Pepper Pod
We are a CASI group who promotes Charity through Chili Cook-Offs. Indiana Pepper Pod is made up of several indiviuals who are memebers of CASI and ICS.
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