893 Dr of BBQ
The Dr of BBQ site, home of the Doctor of BBQ Competition and Catering Team offers many Mild to Hot and spicy recipes, cooking tips, cookoff event information, chile growing and cultivating tips,where to get chile seeds,and catering information.
 553 Houston Hot Sauce Festival
Annual event Always in September, hot sauce, salsa, jams, spices, marinades, chips, dips, gourmet food, fiery food. Cooking demos, Bands, free kids stuff...
 140 Big Dave's Special Recipes
We have created 8 great tasting you make home-made salsa recipes. Each recipe pack contains a taste enhancing mix-in spice mix package. Also we make 14 different types of meat rubs and spice mixes.
 1326 The Jolley Mon
The Jolley Mon has worked long and hard to make available a Mango/Habanero sauce that has the flavors of the tropics bottled up for your enjoyment. Tasting these hot sauces will take you to the islands.
 2 Garry's Chili Pot
Recipes for Chili, Texas Cooking, BBQ, Mexican Cooking and more. The premier site for hot and spicy cooking on the Internet.
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